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Around your child
Your kids are with us, on your daily commute to school, to kindergarten or to the sport in the right hands. For these trips only specially selected drivers are generally used, which we have already tested enough in dealing with children.
However, please remember to request in a taxi with child seats!
Our spacious taxis are on each child's birthday a hit; when driving the cinema, the Senckenberg Museum, to McDonalds, to the swimming pool or the like, we have enough space.

Senior, club trips
Outing, shopping or sightseeing tours are available - for example, to Zurich or in other beautiful places. Group trips are cheaper by the level of attendance. Think please remember to always specify the number of persons in the order so that we can lower the price per person calculated correctly.

Operating and cheering celebrations
We have already gained a lot of experience with the transfer of company employees of corporate parties (such as from the Christmas home). We will gladly make you an offer on this also.

Even for larger occasions such as birthdays, weddings or other anniversaries, the transfer offers with our metropolitan area shuttle optimal solution. If the occasion dissolves in smaller groups, we can transport the guests with individual taxis. So there is no waiting time and the evening ends and stress-free in the sense of the host.

Think please remember to always specify the number of persons in the order so that we can calculate the price correctly.

Group and family trips
Our shuttle offers a large space for up to 8 passengers.

Please keep in mind that there may be delays at certain times in the order of large-taxis. You can prevent the by ordering at least 12 hours in advance.

Our newest buses is also particularly well suited for longer rides / long distance trips, as the seats can be rotated so that you can sit across and the long stretches not so boring - especially in children - are.