ABC Taxi Horgen GmbH Einsiedlerstrasse 65 8810 Horgen Tel. 044 725 10 10 Whatsapp/SMS 0791233257 info@horgenabctaxi.ch www.horgenabctaxi.ch www.abclimoservice.ch

Rates & Current

Basic tax 6.00 CHF
Driving tax 1-8 people per km 3.80 CHF
Waiting time tax per hour 69.00 CHF

Payment: Cash: Swiss francs, euros, U.S. dollars. Credit Cards: Visa, American Express, Mastercard - Pro mobile.

Subscriptions: Internal subscriptions with 10% discount

Note the price of a tandem taxi is twice as there are two drivers.
We also have limousines in the list after request Adjustable.

We currently offer a subscription with a value of 110 CHF for only 100 CHF discount of 10%


We currently provide you a discount of 30 %